Email ID creation for Government Users

Please apply through

On first login profile updation page will appear. Fill your details & reporting officer details. Based on applicant email id & reporting officer email id, the procedure varies. It is given below.

  • 1. For Pvt(gmail, yahoo, rediff) applicant email id to Gov id of reporting officer

    • A) On giving pvt id, mobile number column will appear. On giving mobile number, OTP will be send to both mobile/email. We have to give the OTP to login.

    • B) After profile updation, Select EMAIL form. Fill the form & submit.

    • Application submission Types available.

      • Online Proceeding without Aadhaar .

      • Esigned - Proceeding with Aadhaar

      • Manual - Sign & upload form

      • User can opt any of the given options.

  • 2. For Pvt applicant id (gmail, yahoo, rediff) to pvt email id of reporting officer (gmail, yahoo, rediff)

    Complete the above procedures listed in A, B & do the following


    Download the application form-> Print-> Sign in the applicant column -> Scan -> upload the form through Track Form Status

    Reporting Officer:-

    Click the link received in reporting officer's email -> Download the form -> Print -> Sign in the Reporting officer column -> Scan -> upload the form & approve.

  • 3. For applicant with Gov/NIC ID

    • Login with GOV/NIC email id & password

    • Personal details will be auto filled. It will show only the preferred email id column. Even if we fill for another person, it will be rejected from NIC HQ. So we can not apply for single name based id for another person.

    • Can apply for designation based ids & also can apply for Bulk email ids for an organization.

Email ID creation for GEM for Autonomous bodies

Regarding generation of email IDs for transacting on GeM portal, kindly send a request through an officer having NIC/GOV domain email to, to enable GeM to consider creating email id.

The request should contain following.

  • Recommendation duly signed by the head of the organization
  • Provide the following details in EXCEL FORM .
S No First Name Last Name Designation Role(HOD/Buyer/ Consignee /boththtd> Name of Ministry/ Department/ Organization State/City Mobile No
(10 digits)
Complete Office Address

It may be mentioned that in order to transact on GeM at least one HOD, one BUYER & CONSIGNEE and one PAO/DDO would be required. It may also be noted that you can combine the roles of BUYER & Consignee but not PAO with these roles. Primary user/HOD only assigns secondary role and monitors the activities of secondary users.

The proposed mobile shall be linked with Aadhaar without which you will not get otp and cannot do any transactions

Email ID creation for PSUs under paid category

  • 1) NIC is registrar for domain & ERNET for AC.IN, EDU.IN & RES.IN Domains.

  • 2) With respect to email id, domain is not provided to autonomous institutions which are having internal revenue generation. For them ids are created under paid category and in the domain name which they are having.

Please find thee commercial details along with the item description of email services.

I. Category of Email Tariff Plan

1 NIC Email Pro 20 GB mail storage with 24*7 support, email access through mobile devices. BCP/DR support, Secure Email, Geo-fencing feature. All standard email protocols supported. Support for anti-virus and spam scrubbing.
2 NIC Email Professional NIC Email Pro + SMS (10K) mapped to the email address as per the existing email and SMS policy
3 NIC Email Premium NIC Email Professional + multifactor authentication using soft token, Briefcase with 50 Gb space storage up-gradation as per terms and conditions

II.Commercial Details

SN Category Annual Cost/ Email Account (INR)
1 NIC Email Pro Rs. 210/-
2 NIC Email Professional Rs. 300/-
3 NIC Email Premium Rs. 490/-

Note: This above cost is exclusive of NICSI margin and government charges (7% Payment handling and 18 % IGST)