Inauguration of RealCraft based Kerosene Subsidy Management System and Issue of Kerosene permit card to the fishermen by Sh. Oomen Chandy, Honble Chief Minister on 14th July 2015

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala, Shri. Oomen Chandy, inaugurated RealCraft based Subsidy Management Portal along with Issue of Kerosene Permit Cards to Fishermen on 14/07/2015.  The function was organized by the Matsyafed – a Cooperative Federation for the Fishermen in Kerala.  Minister for Fisheries, Sh. K.Babu, presided the functions along with 20 dignitaries. In the facilitation speech, Mr. V G Kishore Kumar, MD, Matsyafed, appreciated the efforts taken by NIC for generating the Kerosene permit card using the ReALcraft system ( within a short span of time. Shri. T. Mohana Dhas , State Informatics Officer  explained the importance of the ReALCraft project as a tool for tracking and monitoring of vessels and fishermen, rescue operations, and Fuel permit issuance system and fuel subsidy management as the additional enhancement of ReALCraft project.

Fuel permit issuance system

ReALCRaft   is a demand driven project to enhance the coastal security of the Nation. This   system is for issuing Registration certificate to the fisting vesels operating along the Indian Coastal belt and issuing fishing license for these fishing vessels.

ReALCraft is currently operating in all the 164 locations spread out in nine coastal States and four union-territories and has registered around 3 lakhs fishing vessels, nationally. It has helped coastal security agencies to uniquely identifying and monitoring the fishing vessels in sea, keeping at bay illegal, unregistered and unreported activities. ReALCraft improves coastal security, fishermen security, and ensures benefits such as kerosene and petrol subsidy.

Fuel permit issuance system is an additional enhancement of ReALCRaft project.

The main objective of Fuel permit issuance system is to

  • Increase the efficiency of the subsidy disbursal to the right fishermen in right time
  • Reduce pilferage
  • Transparency in accounting   subsidy claim & fuel supply  by bunk 
  • Eliminate  middle layer in fuel procurement
  • Helps the Govt to calculate  budget estimate  for the next financial  year
  • Networking of  all petrol  bunks /fuel distributors 

The main functionalities are

  • Entitlement of fishing vessel for fuel permit is based on the Vessel Dimension Attributes. Such as Horse power, No. of cylinders, Tonnage capacity etc.
  • Token Number generation at fuel bunk
  • Voucher generation  at fuel bunk
  • Subsidy claim processing
  • Transfer of subsidy to the  Bank account holder using DBT(under process)